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ATRA Welcomes Student Members

As a student, you have needs and concerns that differ from those of an established professional and this is why we have developed a section of our website specifically for you! Our intent is to provide you with current and accurate information, which you will need in order for you to make knowledgeable decisions with relation to your studies in addition to transitioning into Recreation Therapy as a profession.

One of the fantastic resources that you as a student has is an ATRA Board Member specifically designated to you. This Board Member is known as the Education Director. It is their responsibility to provide you with information related to your education so that you may seamlessly enter into the profession. This would be the best resource that you can access during your time as a student. If you can't find the information you are looking for in our FAQ section, please contact educationdirector@alberta-tr.ca for more information.

Most information can be found in the tabs to the left of the screen including a "Frequently Asked Questions" section. If you do not find the answer that you may be searching for on this website, please feel free to contact the Education Director, as that person would be more than happy to help you find those answers.