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Continuing Competence Program

ATRA's Compulsory Professional Development Program

The recreation therapist and recreation therapy assistant engage in lifelong learning and professional development to ensure their knowledge, practices, and methods are evidence informed. This acknowledges the importance of translating research into practice, and the dissemination of knowledge throughout their professional journey. Promoting Professional Growth and Development  through development and dissemination of opportunities is of high priority for ATRA

Professional Membership with ATRA requires mandatory participation in a Continuing Competence Program (CCP). This commitment ensures Albertans receive therapeutic recreation service from capable, knowledgeable and skilled practitioners who are able to apply advances in the profession.

The CCP categories are congruent with the continuing competence program parameters of regulated Health Care Colleges in Alberta.

ATRA's Continuing Competence Committee provides members with guidelines, recommendations for online options, standardized certificate and reporting forms; and assessment tools for reflective practice and literature reviews.

Effective April 1, 2018, ATRA's Continuing Competence Program moved to a 3-year CEU reporting program. ATRA Professional members will be required to acquire 45 CEU's in a three-year period in alignment with ATRA's membership year of April 1 - March 31. 

Professional members who are on a leave of absence (LOA) from work or are not working in the TR field for any reason during this 3-year period are required to achieve a minimum of 45 CEU's to ensure competency is maintained. With the change from a one-year to three-year CEU reporting program allows flexibility for attaining CEU's and maintaining competency despite breaks in work. 

All Professional Members are required to keep a portfolio of documents as proof of learning activities that support CEU attainment. Every three years, a professional member's CEU record is subject to a random audit to verify adherence to the Continuing Competence Program.