Membership Renewal Categories

ATRA Members in the following categories are required to renew their fees to remain current membership status. 

Professional Membership Renewal you have one of two renewal options

  1. Renew in this Professional Membership category if you will continue practicing, supervising, or teaching in Therapeutic Recreation
  2. Alumni Category: Renew in this category if you are currently a Professional Member and have retired and / or moved out of Alberta and want to maintain support for the objectives of the TR Profession in Alberta. If you meet this criteria you will not be eligible to renew as the former Supporting Membership as previously defined. 
  3. Please note, ATRA Professional Members that are returning to formal studies are not eligible to renew or apply as a Student Member. 

Student Membership Renewal you have one of two options

  1. Renew in the Student Membership Category if you continue as a student and meet the criteria. 
  2. If you have graduated and meet the criteria for Professional Membership or Supporting Membership please see the instructions for Graduating Student Members.