Benefits of Preceptors

For you, your clients and your profession
For the Preceptor
  • Helps you stay current with knowledge and best practice.
  • Connects you to the next generation of clinicians.
  • Contributes to the profession and teaching.
  • Allows you to develop leadership skills.
  • Energizes you in your own work.
  • Counts as Continuing Education Credits in ATRA’s CEU program (Code 115).
  • Connects you with the student's university program.
For the Client/Patient
  • Encourages in-depth observation and discussion of each client/patient.
  • Provides another communication partner.
  • Creates a group dynamic.
  • Provides a second person who may have more time to individualize materials.
  • May increase the number of treatment sessions to the client/patient.
For the Profession
  • Supports future professionals.
  • Exposes clinicians to new knowledge and clinical ideas.
  • Provides the foundation for students to become future clinical educators.
  • Facilitates recruitment.
For the Employer
  • Facilitates recruitment.
  • Contributes to employees' supervision and leadership skills.
  • Opportunity for employees to obtain continuing education credits (at no cost to the employer).
  • Exposes employees to new knowledge and practices.
  • May result in the capacity to alter or expand services for patients/clients.

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