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Member Verification

Why confirm if your employee, colleague or recreation therapist is a member of ATRA?

Since 1985, ATRA is the only organization in the province of Alberta that provides membership to individuals within the four member categories: Professional, Supporting, Student and Alumni.

Professional Member 

Only qualified applicants can become professional or supporting members of ATRA. To be a professional member the individual must:

  • Meet required education standards.
  • Abide by professional obligations including Standards of Practice, Competency and Code of Ethics.
  • Participate in a continuing competence program through ongoing reporting.

Employers and Clients can use our Membership Verification feature to verify if your therapeutic recreation services are being provided by an ATRA professional member.

Contact ATRA at application@alberta-tr.ca if the person’s name does not appear in the search results. ATRA does not release members personal information without permission.


Name Member Type Member Status