Awards Program

Recognition of the exceptional therapeutic recreation service provided to Albertans is important.

Our Awards Program reminds us of the valuable service provided by a Recreation Therapist's commitment to service and the health benefits they bring to so many people's lives.

With the advancement of Therapeutic Recreation in the province of Alberta, we can easily congratulate all Recreation Therapists for their daily commitment and hard work that has brought our great profession to where it is today. However, there are those among us that deserve extra attention for their outstanding service, passion and innovation over the years.

Employers, colleagues and clients can nominate a Recreation Therapist or Team that is eligible for a nomination. 

Please nominate a deserving Recreation Therapist or Student for any of the ATRA Awards:


  1. Distinguished Service Award

Nominate an individual that has demonstrated commitment to excellence through the length of their career and has advanced the practice of Therapeutic Recreation for the Distinguished Service Award.

  1. Professional of the Year Award

Nominate an individual that has made significant contributions to the field of Therapeutic Recreation in the past year for the Professional of the Year Award.

  1. Innovative Practice Award

Nominate an individual that has demonstrated innovative practice or a new service in the field of TR for the Innovative Practice Award.

  1. Outstanding Preceptor Award

Nominate a Preceptor that works in a clinical setting and demonstrates excellence in provision of therapeutic recreation education in their workplace and values the importance of mentoring future professionals. Two awards will be given, one for a College level Preceptor and one for a University level Preceptor.

  1. Outstanding Student Leader Award

Nominate a Student that has demonstrated leadership at their educational institution, in student placements and or in the community for the Outstanding Student Leader Award.

  1. Community Partnership Award

Nominate a community organization or individual that has done something extraordinary to create inclusive opportunities for individuals in their community or has partnered with a Therapeutic Recreation professional(s) to advance the field of Therapeutic Recreation for the Community Partnership Award.

  1. Dianne Bowtell Team Award

Nominate  a team that has accomplished extraordinary outcomes and has created inclusive opportunities for their community. The team has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement in the field of Therapeutic Recreation in Alberta. There needs to be at least one ATRA member on the team. This could be a team where RecT’s work with other professionals (i.e. RecT/RTA, University RecT Professor, Interdisciplinary Team Professionals, Allied Health Professionals, Volunteers, etc).


Awards Nominations acceptance timeline from April 17- May 25, 2024
Nominations instructions will be available in ATRA’s April & May Newsletters.
Awards Application Deadline is: May 25, 2024 @ 11:59 PM

Contact if you have any questions.