Maternity / Paternity Leave

Family Matters

Are you wondering if you should renew your Professional Membership if your future plans include a leave to focus on your growing family?

ATRA does not have a membership deferment option for maternity leave. The reason for maintaining ongoing professional membership standings relates to CEU attainment and maintaining your ability to provide current, competent and skilled intervention to the Albertans you serve.

ATRA congratulates you on your upcoming addition and respects your choice. Your ongoing commitment to professional membership is appreciated by ATRA, your employer and most important your clients.

If you are taking time to focus on your family ATRA has several pathways for you to return to Professional membership status:

  1. Retain your Professional Membership. ATRA understands maternity leave comes with financial considerations. Appreciating that everyone’s financial situation is completely unique, ATRA is here to help with our Economic Hardship Fee Waiver Program. If you have missed the deadline, please contact
  2. Renew a Lapsed Membership: If less than three years have lapsed since you last renewed your ATRA Membership you will be retained on the ATRA membership roster. You will incur late payment fees in addition to the annual renewal fee. Additional details can be found here. If you have forgotten your member log in information, contact our friendly staff at
  3. Return to Practice: If you were previously a professional member and your membership has lapsed more than three years, your return to professional membership status requires you to submit a Return to Practice Form. Find full details on Pathway 4. Return to Practice Track.

Are you wondering if you still need to earn the same number of CEU’s?

CEU's are reported on a three-year reporting schedule. This wide time period will accommodate maternity / paternity leave deferrals. It is your option of course - you may consider keeping up with CEU attainment throughout your leave to raise your family.   

As professional development options are accessible virtually, you may wish to continue taking an hour here and there within your leave to stay connect with colleagues through a webinar and check out what is new in TR developments.  Your choice.