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Instructions for TR Preceptors

ATRA thanks you for taking on the important task of preparing students to enter practice as a competent Recreation Therapist. 

Primary Preceptors: The student may have one or more Recreation Therapists providing preceptorship during the course of their practicum placement. The Recreation Therapist that is responsible for the overall practicum is the considered the primary preceptor and is the designate for confirming the Therapeutic Recreation Practicum Placement Confirmation form with their signature.


Preceptor Key Responsibilities

  1. Guide and mentor the student’s practice and demonstration of the Essential Competencies described in the Competency Profile for Recreation Therapists in Alberta (ATRA, 2012).
  2. Orientate the student to the site and develop a practicum placement plan. Discuss the plan with the student before assigning patient care responsibilities.
  3. Ensure an understanding of the learning outcomes and role expectations of the student as you may be asked to preceptor recreation therapy assistant and or therapist placements.
  4. Resources:
    1. The post-secondary institution’s supporting documents, 
    2. ATRA’s Competency Profile for Recreation Therapists in Alberta
    3. Guidelines for the Assignment of Therapeutic Recreation Services to Assistants and Aides
  5. Provide ongoing, open and honest face-to-face feedback to the student.
  6. Conduct regular evaluations of entry-to-practice essential competency areas to ensure the student is delivering safe, ethical and effective recreation therapy services.
  7. Intervene if there are client concerns or risk of harm resulting from the student’s care.
  8. Communicate proactively and regularly with the post-secondary institution about the student placement progress.
  9. Involve the post-secondary institution early if the student requires additional support within their practicum to ensure a constructive outcome for all stakeholders.
  10. In accordance with individual agency policy, obtain informed consent from the client or substitute decision-maker for the involvement of the student in the delivery of recreation therapy services.
  11. Ensure the employer understands the preceptor’s key responsibilities regarding therapeutic recreation practicum placements.
  12. Ensure preceptorship meets ATRA therapeutic recreation practicum placement eligibility criteria and arrange for transfer of preceptorship when not available.
  13. Sign the Therapeutic Recreation Practicum placement Confirmation Form. 
    • Note: The primary Recreation Therapist preceptor is not obligated to sign a practicum placement confirmation form if, in their clinical judgement, the student has not demonstrated essential competencies appropriate for entry-to-practice that aligns with the ATRA Competency Profile (ATRA, 2023).
  14. Keep a copy of the signed Therapeutic Recreation Practicum Placement Confirmation form for your records.
  15. Register for CEU Code 115, Clinical Supervision / Preceptorship in ATRA’s Continuing Competence Program.