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Recruiting and Retaining Recreation Therapy Staff

If you are involved in recruitment of new Therapeutic Recreation Staff, please ensure job postings align with ATRA standards for each employment category.

The following chart provides both key points that will assist in the recruitment of the right person for the right position and strategies that will assist in the retention of your valuable human resource.

Employment postings matching required employment criteria are welcome on ATRA’s Employment page. ATRA is available for consultation in the development of your posting. Please contact executivedirector@alberta-tr.ca




And …

Job Title

Clearly identify if the posting is for a Recreation Therapist, Recreation Therapy Assistant or Aide position.

Avoid the use of creative job titles that are inconsistent within the TR labour market.

Academic Qualifications

ATRA requires:

Recreation Therapists (ATRA Professional Members) require an approved degree to enter practice as of April 1, 2021.

Avoid seeking overqualified or underqualified academic qualifications for the duties and responsibilities of each employment category.



Recreation Therapy Assistants (ATRA Supporting Member) reasonable to seek individuals with a TR diploma.

Recreation Therapy Aide (No ATRA Membership category) reasonable to seek a certificate in a health-related aide program and experience.

Job Requirements

Recreation Therapists

Develop job descriptions that reference professional standards of practice.

Competence Profile

Delegation to Assistants and Aides

Recreation Therapy Assistant

Recreation Aides

Membership with ATRA

Membership with ATRA ensures your clients are being provided with Therapists that partake in a rigorous continuing competence program.

Check that your prospective employee is qualified to meet ATRA membership and verify ongoing membership in good standing.

Verify employees ATRA membership 

Membership is renewed March 31 annually.


The Health Sciences Association of Alberta reflects incremental pay grids provided for recreation therapists. Please Note: This public document reflects employment conditions for Alberta Health Services employees. Other employers are not bound to this agreement. 

Wage parity within the labour market is an important staff retention strategy. 

Additional Certifications

List additional training that mitigates client risks such as: 

  • First Aid and CPR
  • AFLCA Older Adult
  • Driver’s License (i.e. Class 4)
  • Criminal Records - Vulnerable Sector Check

Keep in mind, it is all about client safety and well being.