Pathways to ATRA Professional Membership

Select one of four pathways to become an ATRA Professional member. Please review each of the options to determine your best option.

Pathway 1. Academic Track

Please select the Entry A Option on the online Application Form (New graduate or new professional member applicant to ATRA) 

Applicant will provide evidence of graduation, completion of specific coursework and clinical practicum. 

   A. Graduate from a nationally or internationally accredited post-secondary institution meeting three (3) criteria:

  1. Degree or post degree title recreation therapy or therapeutic recreation. A title of recreation and leisure studies is accepted with an emphasis  / minor in therapeutic recreation.
  2. Examples of degrees titles not accepted: Recreation and Sport, Management or Tourism (without an emphasis / minor in therapeutic recreation), kinesiology, physical education, adapted physical education, community rehabilitation or rehabilitation assistant.

AND - 

   B. Academic Coursework:

  1. Three (3) courses in Therapeutic Recreation (minimum) [3.0 credits each].
  2. Three (3) courses in General Recreation, Leisure, Leadership or Play [3.0 credits each].
  3. Six (6) supporting courses across three Clinically related Areas [3.0 credits each]:
    1. Psychology (General, Abnormal, Educational, Counseling)
    2. Sociology (Group Dynamics, Leadership, Volunteerism)
    3. Education (Special, Physical, Early Childhood)
    4. Therapies (Music, Art, Dance, Drama)
    5. Health (Health Promotion, Wellness, Health Trends, Community Health, Rehabilitation)
    6. Aging (Gerontology, Aging, Aging Disorders)
    7. Medical (Anatomy, Biology, Physiology, Medical Terminology, Pharmacology)
    8. Research (Statistics, Evaluation, Research Methods)

AND -  

   C. Clinical Therapeutic Recreation Practicum:

Applicants graduating after May 1, 2011 are required to submit the Practicum Reporting Form.


Pathway 2. CTRS Certification Track

Please select Pathway 2 - Certification in Step 3 of the Member Application Online Form.

Applicants that have already met criteria and are certified as a CTRS by NCTRC will select this pathway. Provide your certification number online and complete all required data fields. ATRA will verify your current certification with NCTRC. You will be notified if verification was not successful.

Note: ATRA does not require Professional Members to be certified by NCTRC.


Pathway 3. Renewing a Lapsed Professional Membership Track

If it has been less than three years since you last renewed your ATRA Professional Membership, please do not reapply.  You are able to access the Member Section of ATRA's website and renew your membership. Late Penalty fees will apply. Forgot your member login information? Contact our friendly staff at


Pathway 4. Return to Practice Track

If you were previously a Professional Member of ATRA and let your membership lapse longer than three years, your return pathway has an alternate route.  Please submit the Return to Practice Form and do not apply online.

Applicant will provide evidence of Therapeutic Recreation experience:

  1. Previous ATRA Professional Membership (academic credentials previously assessed by ATRA).
  2. Leave of Absence from ATRA of over three consecutive years or more.
  3. Resume outlining professional experience and roles related to therapeutic recreation, health and professional practice.
  4. Continued Competence Evaluation: submission of Continued Competence Form listing forty – five (45) Competence Education Units obtained within the previous three years.