All ATRA Memberships are renewed online using a secure online membership management system. This fast, efficient and safe way to pay your annual membership fee and provide accurate data about the recreation therapy profession in Alberta. Go to ATRA's website: Members Section / Member Renewal.   ATRA's Renewal Period is February 1 - March 31, each year. Your membership expires at midnight on March 31. Late fees are applied to membership renewals after that date. Renew early and avoid late fees.


ATRA's Membership Renewal Period is February 1 - March 31 every year for all membership categories:

Professional, Supporting, Student and Alumni


Welcome back! 

Maintaining an annual professional membership is about two things -

  1. Assuring your employer, your clients and the association that you are committed to continually upgrading your knowledge and skills to meet the demands of evolving practice environments and client needs.
  2. Supporting your professional association to advocate for the therapeutic recreation association, work with educational institutions to prepare students to enter the TR workforce, provide continuing competence events, member benefits and guidance on issues central to Albertans.

To renew your membership:

Renewing a Lapsed Membership: 

  • If it has been less that three years since you last renewed your ATRA Professional Membership, access the Member Section of ATRA's Website and renew your membership. Forgot your member log in information? Contact our friendly staff at support@alberta-tr.ca.
  • a late fee is added to the annual membership fee (see next question for specific information on fees)and
  • you will need to provide evidence of your continuing education units (see the Continuing Competence Program page in this section of the website for more information).

Return to Practice

  • If it has been more than three years since your ATRA Professional Membership was active, you are required to reapply. Please note - do not apply online, please submit the Return to Practice Form. 

ATRA's official Membership Year is April 1 ending 12 months later March 31 of the following year. 

Applications for the current membership year end December 31 of each year.

Membership Applications received and approved between January 1 and March 31 are in effect until March 31 of the following year. 

ATRA's first membership fee is prorated based on when you apply.

Significantly reduced fees take into account reduced portions of the membership year (see https://www.alberta-tr.ca/membership-applications-and-renewals/application-information/fee-schedule/ for full details).

You are required to renew your current membership prior to the expiry date of March 31. ATRA's Membership Renewal Period is February 1 - March 31 annually.


Retaining ongoing professional membership with ATRA is important to your career, employer and clients. To maintain your membership in good standing status please renew by March 31 of each year. Renewal after expiration of the membership year will result in late renewal fees will be added to membership renewal costs.

  1. Late Renewal of 1 – 30 days after the deadline = $300.00 + $50.00 late payment fee + GST.

Impact on your Membership Benefits: You will retain access to your Member Profile, email correspondence, Long Service Recognition Program and ATRA and / or CTRA committee participation. All other member rights and responsibilities are suspended until renewed.

  1. Late Renewal of 1 – 24 months after the deadline = $300.00 + $100.00 late payment fee + GST.

Impact on your Membership Benefits: You will retain access to your Member Profile, ATRA will retain email correspondence. Your Long service Membership status will continue to accumulate.  ATRA and CTRA committee work participation will be suspended until your membership is renewed. All other member rights and responsibilities are suspended until membership is renewed.

  1. Late Renewal of 25 – 36 months after the deadline  = $300.00 + $200.00 Late payment fee + GST.

Impact on your Membership Benefits and Responsibilities: You will retain access to your Member Profile. Long Service Recognition Program starts at Year 1. You will be required to demonstrate maintenance CEU accumulations to demonstrate professional competence. All other member rights and responsibilities are suspended until renewed.

  1. Late Renewal of 3 years or more after the deadline. 

Impact on your Membership Benefits: =  You have forfeited the ATRA's grandfather clause that recognized your education level and experience. Apply as a new applicant.


Yes! ATRA and CTRA have a Joint Membership Agreement that enables ATRA Members a 50% discount on regular CTRA fees. A CTRA membership provides discounts on professional development events, national volunteer and leadership opportunities and access to Canada wide professional communities of practice to enrich your practice.

Renew your Student Membership if you are taking one or more courses towards the completion of a diploma, post graduate certificate, bachelors / masters / doctorate degree whose title contains Therapeutic Recreation or Recreation & Leisure Studies.

Your ATRA Student membership needs to be renewed by March 31 of every year.  Student Members are not required to pay late membership renewal fees nor maintain continuing education units.


Congratulations Graduate!  Your time, dedication and hard work has qualified you for a satisfying career.

If you are an ATRA Student Member in good standing within the membership year you apply for Professional Membership, you are not required to pay the membership fee during your first year as a Professional Member. 

Your first step is to send an email to support@alberta-tr.ca and ask for a Discount Code. Please include in the Subject Line of your email - Request for Student Member to Professional Member Discount Code.  Please note if you are not an ATRA Student Member, this benefit will not apply to you. 

Apply for Professional Membership 

After you receive your code please begin the online application form for Professional Membership. You must meet all the professional membership criteria before your application is approved. 

Please proceed to the Membership Application page on ATRA's website and follow the instructions there.

Maintaining your student membership is important. If you have missed your renewal deadline, renew as soon as you can. Student renewals are not subject to late fees. 

Your Member Profile, access to student member benefits will be discontinued until renewal occurs.

If you are interested in continuing to further the objectives of ATRA and are not eligible for Professional or Student Membership renew your Supporting Membership between February 1 and March 31 annually.

Late fees nor continuing competence commitments are required of Alumni  Members.

ATRA thanks you for your loyal support. Help us keep our records up to date.  Please send an email to application@alberta-tr.ca to inform us of your withdrawal from ATRA membership.

  1. Retirement notice: If you plan to retire within the member year Congratulations on a career well spent. ATRA is pleased to acknowledge your retirement from a rewarding career within our Annual Awards Program. Send an email with your announcement to  benefitsdirector@alberta-tr.ca
  2. Consider a Supporting Membership: If your plan to stay on with ATRA, please apply for Supporting Membership.
  3. Withdrawal: If you plan to withdraw your ATRA Membership please send an email to application@alberta-tr.ca to help keep our Membership Records up to date. Now go out and have some fun!


No, membership renewal can only be processed in the online system once full payment on a credit card is received. Receipts are automatically generated and made available through your online Member Profile.

ATRA has invested in an online member management system that provides secure online payment for membership fees with your credit care or PayPal account. Automatic payment processing through PayPal ensures that all transactions are secured and accounted for. The renewal is complete after each member enters required data and submits full payment.

Options: A pre-paid Credit Card will enable you to use ATRA's online renewal system. Ensure adequate funds are available on the card before you begin your transaction.

In 2020 ATRA introduced an additional Member Benefit. Full details of the The Economic Hardship Fee Waiver Program is available in the Member Section of ATRA's website / Member Benefits / Economic Hardship Fee Waiver Program.  

CTRA offers a similar program. 

No, ATRA requires full payment of your membership fees at the time of renewal transaction. Please consider ATRA's Economic Hardship Fee Waiver Program to determine if this will help.