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ATRA Entry to Practice Bursary

ATRA Entry to Practice Bursary Guidelines

ATRA is pleased to offer the annual Entry to Practice Bursary for undergraduate ATRA Student Members completing a degree or diploma at one of the following programs:

  • Lethbridge College Therapeutic Recreation – Gerontology Diploma
  • NorQuest College Therapeutic Recreation Diploma
  • University of Lethbridge Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation
  • University of Alberta Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Sports and Tourism
What is reimbursed?
  • Any therapeutic recreation course or general recreation course and textbook(s) taken between June 1 and April 30 that contributes to future eligibility as an ATRA Professional Member
  • Amounts awarded: the award amount varies from $400-$800 depending on the number of approved applicants
  • Therapeutic Recreation Courses - these course titles must contain the words: “Therapeutic Recreation” or “Recreation Therapy” or "Recreation and/or Leisure for Special Populations".
  • General Recreation Courses - these course titles must contain one of the following words: "Recreation", "Leisure", "Play", or "Leadership".
How do I receive my bursary?
  • Once you are notified that you are a successful recipient of the award (by October 15), you may submit for reimbursement as soon as you have a receipt of course/textbook amount paid and have successfully passed the course (copy of transcript and/or written confirmation from course instructor)
  • All receipts and proof of successful course completion may be scanned and emailed to educationdirector@alberta-tr.ca NO LATER THAN May 15 of the calendar year following the year of approval (e.g., approved by October 15, 2022, must be claimed by May 15, 2023)

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