ATRA's Legacy Clause

A legacy clause exempts people already established in a profession from new rules regarding membership criteria, while a new rule will apply only to new applicants.

ATRA will maintain a permanent Legacy Clause to ensure current Professional Members retain their right to ongoing Professional Membership status at the onset of the Degree as Entry to Practice April 1, 2021.

ATRA acknowledges that the profession has been built with considerable effort from membership over the past thirty years and their contribution is highly valued in Alberta’s current workforce.  

ATRA supports strategies to encourage members to stay in the workforce, pursue continuing education and, for those who choose, work toward earning a bachelor’s degree. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes! ATRA will honour our Legacy Clause to protect your current member right to maintain Professional Membership status. As with all membership categories, you will need to meet the following conditions:

  • Renewal of annual membership and payment of fees
  • Participation in ATRA’s Continuing Competence Program

In 2017, ATRA made an official declaration to uphold the Legacy Clause within our Application for Regulation under the Health Professions Act (2017).

The following statement was declared in the official document:

"It is anticipated that current recreation therapists with membership in ATRA will transition to a provincial register. Legacy and Equivalency – Current professional members of ATRA will be eligible for inclusion through the legacy clause to maintain credentials for employment. The proposed legacy clause and equivalency criteria emphasizes inclusivity which acknowledges discrepancies in past education seen in unregulated professions and which acknowledges years of practice experience and ability to self-assess competencies. (ATRA Application for Regulation, 2017 Costs and Benefits of Regulation)"

Yes, ATRA will welcome you back and has options for you to regain your professional membership status. 

If your membership has expired less than three years from today's date, you can renew online. You will be required to pay a late fee and update your online CEU Report to ensure you have met ongoing professional development obligations. 

If your membership expired three years or more from today's date you can regain a Professional Membership status. ATRA has a Return to Practice pathway taking into consideration the applicant’s previous education / experience and commitment to a professional development plan prior to granting professional membership status. For more information please see the Return to Practice Track.