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Professional Members transitioning to Alumni Membership

Apply for the Alumni category if you are retiring from practice within the ATRA Membership Year and / or have moved out of Alberta and want to maintain support for the objectives of the TR profession in Alberta. You are entitled to a member benefit. 

Professional Membership Fee Reimbursement

  1. The Provincial Account will reimburse the Professional Member the equivalent of $25.00/month for the months that Professional Membership is no longer required.
  2. A $50.00 Discount Code will be issued to you for the remaining months of the membership year for membership in the Alumni Category. 


  1. Full payment of membership fees for the current membership year.
  2. ATRA does not reimburse CTRA Membership Fees paid by the member.
  3. This benefit does not apply to professional members that are partially retired and accepting shifts on casual status to provide recreation therapy service. Please retain your Professional Membership status. 


  1. Send an email to and copy &  to inform ATRA of your career hallmark.  Please include in the subject line of your email - Notice of Membership Change, Professional to Alumni. 
  2. You will be issued a Discount Code for use in the online Member Application section of the website.
  3. You will receive notice that a refund will be issued on the date of your transition date on the credit card used to pay your membership fees
  4. And you will be contacted by our Vice President to be offered the opportunity to have your retirement acknowledged in our annual Awards Program.