Renew Your Membership

Your 2023 – 2024 membership will expire March 31, 2024! The renewal period is February 1 though March 31!

Maintain your membership in good standing. Good standing status refers to payment of membership fees on time and compliance with ATRA's CEU Program.

Your ATRA Membership is important to you, your career, our employer, your clients, and the association.

Things you need to know to make your membership renewal fast and easy:

  1. The online form will take 12 minutes to complete.
  2. Late Fees will be applied.
  3. Have your credit card or PayPal account number ready to pay your membership renewal fees in full. Partial or deferred payments are not available.
  4. If you require additional information, please refer to the application manual for your member category.


Disclaimer: Applications for membership may be deferred, refused or conditions imposed if the application does not meet membership criteria.

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