Pathways to Supporting Membership

Pathway 1 Academic Track

Supporting Member Qualifications: this category is for therapeutic recreation diploma graduates who:

  1. Will not be pursuing degree Entry to Practice meeting Professional Membership,
  2. No longer meet Student Membership criteria; and
  3. Want to maintain support for the objectives of the TR Profession in Alberta.
  4. have never previously held an ATRA Professional Membership.
  5. Applicant will submit final official transcripts from a national or internationally accredited Therapeutic Recreation Diploma program.

Please select the Entry A or Pathway 1 option on the online Supporting Member Application Form 

Submit required documentation 


Pathway 2 Renewing a Lapsed Membership.

This pathway will come into effect in April 2022.  If it has been less than three years since you last renewed your ATRA Supporting Membership, please do not reapply. You are able to access the Member Section of ATRA's website and renew our membership, late penalty fees will apply. If you forgot your member login information contact our friendly staff at


Pathway 3 Return to Practice.

This pathway will come into effect in April 2024.