ATRA Award Archives

ATRA has recognized the efforts of our outstanding Recreation Therapists and students since 1989!

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2020 Award Recipients

Distinguished Service - No nominations for this Award in 2020

Professional of the Year - Nicole Brander and Kerry Appleton 

Innovation Practice Award - Brandee Elliot and Sabrina Ball

Outstanding Student Leadership Award - Ashley LaValley

Outstanding Student Preceptor - Tori White

Community Partnership Award - Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association

Check out the 2020 Awards Program for full details on the 2020 Award Recipients, Long Service Recipients and Volunteer Recognition


2019 Award Recipients

Distinguished Service - Tiffany Morin

Professional of the Year - Carrie Huckerby

Innovative Practice Award - Nicole Kulba

Outstanding Student Leadership Award - Lydia Langille

Outstanding Student Preceptor - Kerry Appleton

Community Partnership Award - University of Lethbridge, Sports and Recreation Services

Check out the 2019 Awards Program for full details on the 2019 Award Recipients, Long Service Recipients and Volunteer Recognition.



2018 Award Recipients

Distinguished Service - Bev Suntjens

Professional of the Year - Ashley O'Reilly

Innovative Practice Award - Stephanie Fisher-Dortman

Outstanding Student Leadership Award - Taylor Thacker

Outstanding Student Preceptor - Cathy McAlear and Shana Wandler.

Community Partnership Award - Lady Flower Gardens

Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Recreation Association: Innovative Practice Award - Tiffany Morin

Check out the 2018 Awards Program for full details on 2018 Award Recipients, Long Service Award Recipients and Volunteer Recognition





Distinguished Service Award - Patti Lanigan

Professional of the Year Award - Heidi Davis

Broadening Horizons Award - Michelle Richard

Student Award - Marcy Fekry

Agency/Individual Citation Award - Calgary Recreation City of Calgary

Check out the 2017 Awards Program for full details on the Award Recipients, Long Service Recipients and Volunteer Recognition


Distinguished Service Award - Kari Medd

Professional of the Year Award - Laura Murray

Broadening Horizons Award - Doris Kruger

Agency/Individual Citation - Dr. Chris Hosgood

Student Award - Aimee Douziech

2016 Awards Program 


Distinguished Service – Beverly Hillman
Professional of the Year – Glenn Skimming
Broadening Horizons - Ava-Jean Lawler-Lnn
Agency Citation – Didsbury Municipal Library, Donna Monro
Student Award - McKenzie Kuzio


Distinguished Service – Melissa Adkins Professional of the Year – Kristina McGowan
Broadening Horizons – Bobbi Jo Atchison
Agency Citation – Diversified Leisure Services
Individual Citation – Dave Mitsui

Distinguished Service - Anita Selby
Professional of the Year - Ellen Helgason
Broadening Horizons - Jessica Burford
Student Award - Karyn Morrison
Agency/Individual Citation - Cynthia Johnson, Alberta Health Services

Professional of the Year - Celine Kopec
Broadening Horizons - Lori Pyne
Student Award - Katelyn Hornecker
Agency/Individual Citation - Rebecca Duchesneau, City of Calgary

Distinguished Service - Kathie Ervin
Professional of the Year - Janice Anton
Student Award - Megan Orr
Agency/Individual Citation - Challenge by Choice Program

Distinguished Service - Jane Papenhuyzen
Professional of the Year - Annette Yunick
Broadening Horizons - Anita Selby
Student Award - Tara Tremel
Agency/Individual Citation - Nicholas Sheran Leisure Centre

Distinguished Service - Jim Koning
Professional of the Year - Erin Turnell
Broadening Horizons - Tanea Goncales
Student Award - Daisha Weber
Agency/Individual Citation - Diane Roski, City of Calgary

Distinguished Service - Jane Crawford
Professional of the Year - Colene McCuaig
Broadening Horizons - Janette Engen
Student Awards - Lisa Dickau & Colleen Moses
Agency/Individual Citation - Lethbridge Community College

Distinguished Service - Kim Francis
Professional of the Year - Deanna LeSage
Broadening Horizons – Michelle Knox
Student Award – Kathy Kutzer
Agency / Individual Citation – Village Square Leisure Centre

Research, Publishing Writing or Speaking - Andrea Lloyd
Broadening Horizons - Wendy Brown
Volunteer Recognition - Kari Medd & Kristi Getz
Student Award - Heather Craig
Individual Citation - Jeff Lubin, Calgary Golf Academy
Agency Citation - Shamrock Curling Club

Distinguished Service - Glenda Heale
Professional of the Year - Deb Payne
Research, Publishing, Writing or Speaking - Cathy Fagnan
Broadening Horizons - Wendy Brown
Volunteer Recognition - Victoria Kaiser
Individual Citation - Aimee Miller
Agency Citation - Rehab Department, Calgary Health Region

Distinguished Service - Debbie Lake
Professional of the Year - Tanea Goncalves Research, Publishing, Writing or Speaking - Dr. Rodney Dieser
Broadening Horizons - Jill Kelland
Volunteer Recognition - Janna Powell-Smith
Student Award - Patti Ballance
Individual Citation - Rick Bruggeman
Agency Citation - Excel Society, Edmonton

Distinguished Service - Dianne Bowtell
Professional of the Year - Janette Engen
Research, Publishing, Writing or Speaking - Henriette Groeneveld
Broadening Horizons - Eric Roque
Volunteer Recognition - Nicole Stroh & Kathleen Switzer
Student Award - Jen O’Brien
Individual Citation - Herb Swanston
Agency Citation- Ukrainian Cultural Village

Distinguished Service - Eugene Ulmer
Professional of the Year - Glenda Heale
Broadening Horizons - Claire Dulac
Volunteer Recognition - Wendy Brown & Charlene Shupenia
Student Award - Victoria Anderson & Kathy Peters
Individual Citation - Robb James, Golf Pro
Agency Citation - Movement Matters Program

Distinguished Service - Lorna Snow
Professional of the Year - Susan Morrissey
Research, Publishing, Writing or Speaking - Dianne Bowtell
Volunteer Recognition - Lien Nguyen
Student Award - Alysha Lust
Individual Citation - Reta Koslo
Agency Citation - Rural Chinook Health Region

2000   No Awards

Professional of the Year - Susan Acorn
Individual Citation - Naomi Foster

Professional of the Year - Debbie Lake
Volunteer Recognition - Deanna LeSage
Student Awards - Michelle Elliott & Margaret MacCabe
Individual Citation - Jackie Walker, Stroke Golf Program
Agency Citation - Calgary Regional Health Authority, Recreation Therapy Department

Professional of the Year - Isleta Bergen
Volunteer Recognition - Darlene Murphy
Student Awards - Colleen Hullman & Julie Munro

Professional of the Year - Tia Wever
Research, Publishing, Writing or Speaking - Jill Kelland
Volunteer Recognition - Lisette Lane & Mary-Lou Mudie-Duncan
Student Awards - Lidija Uzelac & Jason Kosolofski
Individual Citation - Evelyn Christensen

Volunteer Recognition - Barbara Smith
Student Award - Debbie Goffinet
Individual Citation - Lou Niebor, Stroke Recovery Association of Calgary

Distinguished Service - Beth Velde
Professional of the Year - Susan Bury
Student Awards - Linda Sauter & Joanne Trofanenko

Distinguished Service - Darlene Murphy
Special Recognition Award - Deanna LeSage
Individual Citation - Gene Neel
Student Awards - Anita Vahaaho & Sandra VonVlack

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Professional of the Year - Theresa Matus
Student Award - Pam Shindler

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Agency Citation - In-Definite Arts Society


Professional of the Year - Sue Hatfield-Cusano
Special Recognition Awards - Debbie Fredericks, Amy Kheong & Tony Spencer
Student Award - Jennifer Affolder
Distinguished Service Awards - Dianne Bowtell & Renate Sainsbury


The first ATRA Awards!

Professional of the Year - Dianne Bowtell
Distinguished Service - Victoria Ryan & Susan Scott
Individual Citation - Carol Ann Peterson
Agency Citation  - Alberta Hospital, Edmonton
Special Recognition - Judy John, Jill Kelland & Starr Kolb
Student Awards - Deanna LeSage & Colleen Hood