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Finding Balance

Finding Balance is a seniors' falls prevention initiative developed by the Injury Prevention Centre at the University of Alberta which ATRA is a proud supporter. 

Visit for more information about the Finding Balance Falls Prevention Program and how you can get the tools and resources we offer (at no cost to you!).

By sharing Finding Balance materials with older adults, you can:

  1. Reduce falls - the leading cause of injury among seniors
  2. Keep more of Alberta’s older adults independent and well
  3. Assist older adults in living a healthy, active life

Alberta Blue Cross and the Injury Prevention Centre's Finding Balance program have teamed up to create a timely new resource to support Alberta seniors to keep active, stay connected, and lower their risk of falling as they emerge from the pandemic.  The Keeping Well Booklet, adapted from the Finding Balance's Keeping Well in Winter Booklet, is a 32-page booklet that contains useful information for older adults ranging from activity and exercise tips to advice on fall prevention, healthy eating, medication use, vision care, mental health, and even avoiding fraud and scams.

This free booklet can be ordered HERE. It can also be downloaded from the Finding Balance website

All Finding Balance Newsletters can be sourced on their website. 

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