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Evidence Informed Programs

Recreation Therapy services are delivered through evidence based practice. Therapeutic Recreation programs are developed based on the selection of best available treatments for which there is some evidence of efficacy; evidence is gathered through well designed and meaningful research efforts with client groups and are applicable to daily practice (Stumbo, N.J. & Peterson, C.A., Therapeutic Recreation Program Design, Principles & Procedures, 5th edition, Pearson Inc. 2009, p.470) 

ATRA provides examples of evidence based practice to reduce risk and increase quality of care to Albertans.

If you want additional information on these leading edge programs please make use of the contact information listed on the material.

If you are a Recreation Therapist and you have evidence informed programs that you would like to share with your TR colleagues, please send them to


Community Aquatic Therapy

Expressive Arts

Fit Minds

Laughter Exercise

Resident's Mentorship Club

Pet Therapy

Wheelchair Biking: 1  

Wheelchair Biking: 2