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Student Members transitioning to Supporting Membership

Graduating ATRA Student Members transitioning to Supporting Membership

After graduation from your diploma program, you are entitled to a member benefit.

Supporting Membership Fee Waiver

  1. ATRA Student Members applying for supporting membership are not required to pay supporting membership fees for the remaining months in the current membership year. 


  1. Payment of student membership fees for the current membership year.
  2. Supporting membership criteria is met and approved by ATRA. 
  3. This benefit does not apply to students who are not ATRA Student Members.


  1. Send an email to support@alberta-tr.caand ask for a Discount Code. Please include in the subject line of your email - Request for Student Member to Supporting Member Discount Code. 
  2. Complete the online application for supporting membership.
  3. After your application has been reviewed and you receive notice of your approval for Supporting Membership status, your name and member category will be posted in the ATRA Member Verification List.