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This information is intended to benefit managers, supervisors and employers of Recreation Therapists in the province of Alberta.

The major areas of interest address included in this section include:

  1. Hire a Recreation Therapist – this page highlights the distinct and unique health services provided by recreation therapists and the value added to clients and the health care system in Alberta
  2. Professional Qualifications – this page provides details on the changes underway for qualifications required for new graduates and ATRA’s grandfathering commitment.
  3. Competency Profile  - this page outlines ATRA’s Standards of Practice  
  4. Continuing Competence Program – ATRA’s mission is to ensure Albertans receive care from knowledge and skilled practitioners. Learn about the requirements on this page.
  5. Complaints and Resolution – this page outlines ATRAs limitations and authority.
  6. Regulation – you will find the current information on the status of the therapeutic recreation profession in Alberta
  7. Professional Members List – verify if your employee or prospective employee is an ATRA professional member. ATRA respectfully requests employers who employ a Recreation Therapist to make ATRA Professional membership a requirement of employment.

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